The invention of Optical Fibre Communications at STL in 1966

Sir Charles K.Kao
2009 Nobel Prize in PhysicsStandard Telecommunication Laboratories, Harlow Essex, UK

Key Publications

First Press Release, January 1966

"....It should be noted that when these methods are perfected, it will be possible to transmit very large quantities of information (telephone, television, data, etc.) between say, the Americas and Europe, along a single undersea cable."!

The Paper that started it all (2.4M pdf):
"Dielectric-fibre surface waveguide for optical frequencies" (link courtesy IEEE),
by K.C.Kao & G.A.Hockham, Published in the Proceedings of the IEE, in July 1966

(It was first received by the IEE on 24th November 1965 and then in revised form 15th February 1966)

Standard Telecommunications Labs organisation Chart 1967 (1.3M pdf)
Showing position of Charles Kao highlighted
(note also Alec Reeves, inventor of Digitising & Oboe)
also JPG - 6 Megs

Photo of George Hockham who co-authored the 1966 paper, and provided the microwave modeling and simulation.  He is seen here with finned microwave waveguides they used to emulate fibre diameter fluctuations (click for larger image)
George Hockham who co-authored the 1966 paper, and performed the microwave modelling and simulation