The invention of Optical Fibre Communications at STL in 1966

Sir Charles K.Kao
2009 Nobel Prize in PhysicsStandard Telecommunication Laboratories, Harlow Essex, UK

Historic interviews with Charles Kao

Video of Charles in the lab
February 1966

See the young Charles Kao connecting a prototype single-mode optical fibre to a measurement test rig at Standard Telecommunications Laboratories,
Harlow, Essex, UK
Video Courtesy of Nortel

1982 UK TV (Anglia Television)

Short interview as part of a TV programme about the 1982 Faraday Lecture: The Photon Connection.
Interview at
Standard Telecommunications Laboratories,
Harlow, Essex, CM17 9NA, UK
Video Courtesy of Anglia television

2004 Interview with Charles from IEEE Global History Network
Interview Conducted by Robert Colburn, IEEE History Center, 26 February 2004

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Talks from 25 year celebration of fibre optics, held at London Science Museum in 1991

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