Gazza's Little Read Book

The Teachings of the great Sage Gazza. 

These sayings have been collected over several years (at great personal risk) by his friends and those who work close to him.

This long awaited publication of his words of extraordinary beauty and insight, has been given his divine blessing.  We Thank You Oh Great Gazza

On the topic of purchasing Nortel's stocks and shares, Gazza once said "You'd be better off buying a new set of Alloy wheels and Tyres".  Oh how true this has turned out to be.  In the time Nortel's stocks dropped to only 1% of their initial value, Gazza's Alloy wheels and Tyres have suffered negligible degradation.

Let us pray that he continues to guide us well, (especially in matters of cars, girls and food)

Now Read on and let Gazza teach us how to be sophisticated

Gazza,The Movie (1.8 Megs of it!)