Hartmanice, July 20-30, 2000
These Web Pages contain more than 200 photos from the Song Celebration workshop. I have grouped them under 7 headings. Click on any of the following links/pictures, and enjoy the photos (several pages each)
Trip to the Lake
Trip to the Forest and the Lake, some skinny dipping, some singing
Musical Work
Learning and singing the songs, cleaning the hall
Evenings Together
Fun and Friendship around the Fire
Bus trip to the Mausoleum, via a 700 year old tree. Sorry the concert pictures are so poor.
Concert Trip
Cool and beautiful people, dressed up and ready for something special, but what?
People Dressed Up
Sheer Breathtaking Magic, What a wonderful suprise!
Dinner & Party
Parting is such Sweet Sorrow.  Open Faces, Open Hearts.
The Last Day
  • A few more Pictures

    These Photos were taken during Song Celebration, the summer voice workshop held in Hartmanice near Bystre in the Czech Republic, from July 20 to 30.

    Richard Epworth, September 30th 2000